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10 Great Things To Consider When Writing Perfect Articles on Your Blogs

Content Marketing is one of the most misunderstand-able aspect of blogging most especially when it comes to your readers or visitor interpretation. Its Competitive and Marketing has so many divisions and sub division, at times, Writing Perfect Articles for your blogs might be hard to keep on with and at the same time can be very tricky. But am gonna walk you through the stages required in achieving an engaging visitors.

Below Are The Things To Consider When Writing Perfect Articles on Your Blogs

1. Captivating and Compelling Headlines:

Yeah, This is the first stage of any Good Writer, as Your Article headline Will give You What to write on and even elongate the length of your article words and before you know it, you are on the 600th word and still counting.

On average, Multiple people who see your article headlines already have 40percent insight of your article body on its own, Yeah you have just attracted your visitors as its what draws the real captivating attention. But mind you, in some cases, you might have a nice Article Headline and Have a Very Annoying Body. Make everything Just Perfect Before you decide to publish. We Improve day by day.

The Headlines of your blog posts must be enticing, unique, attractive, magnetic, compelling, and must show a great sign of word combination and creativity. No One can disagree with the father Of SEO or Advertising.

HOT TIP: When Writing Perfect Articles, Writing a unique headline that grabs your readers’ attention is a critical skill which you can build. YES YOU CAN!!! Just Imagine When you see an adorable Girls Picture On Social Networks, You gonna be like WOW, Damsel, I Would Love to meet You Someday.. hehehehe

2. Article Body Sub-Heading:

You Sub Heading Is Been generated from your headline just because you can’t merge lots of words on in your headlines. So this is why Sub Headline Comes in to make things easy for you and I.

What Can You Use sub Heading To Do?
Can Be Used To Begin, explain, and finish or conclude your article body in as much as its related to your chosen Headline. It is the Second Compelling Area of Good Writing To Give Better Understanding of What You are Writing about.

HOT TIP: Make Use Of Your article Keyword in your Sub Headings [You can See That Via Your WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin as a prove] Its Keyword and SEO Friendly.

3. Use Of Words:

Depending on the Language of you blog and its focus/style, you can use any word but i bet it with you that using simple words will be easily read and understood by many people regardless of their age. Remember, Everyone Has Access to the Internet now, Even The Baby in the Womb. lol. So By Doing That, no one Is Gonna need a Dictionary before they can understand your articles. I Could remember one of my pastor who loves nothing but vocabs, so we made it an habit that whenever we head for services, we go with our bible and dictionary and at times the dictionary overrides our bibles. lols

The use of expression words to are cool, even jargon are welcomed but use it wisely and where necessary so as to show some professionalism.

HOT TIP: Use Easily Understandable Sentences. Its not a English Lesson Class or College

4. Formatting Your Texts:

This Is A very Essential Aspect when Writing Perfect Articles . believe me, you can win the heart of your readers.

What Do I Mean By Formatting?

⇒ Use Of Bullets and Numbering For Listings.
Use Punctuation Marks:  like full stops [.], commas[,], colons[;:] and dashes[-] to divide the mass of words into smaller chunks of information that’s gonna make sense. If You are not good at this, then try to keep you long sentences short, simple and meaningful.
Use Of Font Type: I an used to Times New Roman and Am In love With It.. Remember that your personal handwriting on papers is quite different from what you type with your keyboard and flaunts to the PC Screen. Your Handwriting Might be Damn Ugly[Sorry, if yours is] but Your Computer Never Care.

Writing Perfect Articles

⇒ CAPS Letters or Bold Text: You Can Use CAPS or BOLD Style To Hold Some Keyword in Your Articles and grab your readers attention. But This Does not mean almost your text will carry on this formats, use em’ wisely and where needed so as to keep your visitors stay.

Hot Tip: Have a Standard, Easy and legible Font Style for your Blog. Italic, Bold, Underline, Font Colour also part of text Formatting. Also remember to align your texts well, this is very important.

5. Make A Short Story:

Oops, Do You know you can make your visitors burst into smile or laugh most especially when you tell a funny side of a story or experience, every story has major parts and can be fitted in beginning, middle or the end of your article. its just like you are sharing more light into your article and this will allow your readers to easily consume your given information. They Will Always wanna expect more and crave for your contents.

HOT TIP: Don’t Be a Clown all through

6. Use Images:

When Writing Perfect Articles, this is so necessary but this is where some people get the stuff all wrong, when you just write a whole lots of article without a descriptive image that can get your readers attention or even speak more and justify your article. The Use of Image Can Make Your Visitors Feel Relaxed and read up well unlike just reading text filled articles all through, its kind of boring. Remember a Captivating Image can hold your Visitors to stay and stare on it for some minutes.

Writing Perfect Articles

I Could Remember A Time, One of my Online Freelance Client Hired Me to design his WordPress Blog and he gave me articles[texts only] to publish but I went extra length in fetching some cool images and used in the articles and when he saw them published, he was like where did I get those pix? he felt impressed like its a mission accomplished.

HOT TIP: Get Free Images from Sites Like Pixabay. But also try to maintain standard number of images on a single page 🙂

7. Use Of Paragraphs:

The Use of Paragraphs can help you achieve your aim in a very short time. This can make a shorter version or breaks of longer sentences. this allows your readers to follow your points well one after the other and at the same time help em’ assimilate and digest faster.

HOT TIP: Engaging More Readers is the reason behind it all.

8. Put Yourself In Your Visitors Shoes:

WoW, I love Saying This Line because you can only achieve things faster than you ever expected when you put yourself in the position of others and feel what they feel or might be feeling. For example, how would you feel when you find your self on a blog where things are not done right? , How Will You Feel when you read through and couldn’t find anything meaningful, though no one is perfect, but you can try to be.

Writing Perfect Articles on Your Blogs

HOT TIP: By Trying this, its gonna get you go a long way in composing your articles and at the same time new ideas will flow in with no stress of the brain.

9. Be Happy When Writing:

This aspect might be funny but believe me, it works. When you are happy, you will be pleased to do things in an exited way and it will keep your mind open. You can’t be angry and come on your Blog and write articles, believe me you ain’t gonna pass any message and if you even try to, it can’t be as when you are acting normal. So Treat Your Blog Like Its All you Got and Like a Baby.

Writing Perfect Articles

HOT TIP: Get Yourself A cup of Hot Tea  or wine beside you when Writing.

10. Article Ending or Conclusions:

The Conclusion Part of your blog articles will tell the reaction and emotion of your readers. just like all the movies we watch, they all have endings and the endings might be exiting, in suspense, or leave them to be forced to leave a comment.

The main key to effective writing is to get your reader on a long run with interesting and informative ride from the adam of your article to the end and this is where you can just deliver what your article really means, but in an exiting way. This Can Be Done With Just Few Number of words just to bring their minds back. 🙂

Conclusion: Writing Perfect Articles can be a Greater Achievement, You Have To Put Efforts In all You Do So as to rip what you sow in a great way. By Following all what i have explained up there will see you through the success of blogging forever and at the same time improve your writing skills.

Enjoy Your Day and Happy Blogging. Remember To Share Your Side View Of this and Lets Reason Together Via Comments.

Bye for now and Remember Sharing This Will Help Others just like I just helped you too. hehehe

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