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We are looking for talented writers who can share their creative, eye catching writing/articles with our readers and visitors

We accept guest posts so far they are related to:

→→ Technology tips ranging from internet, mobile and computer related Trainings,tutorials/tips & tricks, machines, devices, appliances and their mode of operations, handling and repairs.
→→ Blogging, Programming Languages/Scripts and SEO tips
→→ Online money making tips.
→→ Jobs and Entrepreneurship

However, before you send us your article(s), it is necessary that you read the following terms and We Take them Strictly:

  1. We forbid any posts copied from other blogs/websites and we publish your post only on the condition that it will never appear on your blog/website in the future.
  2. Any Posts with excess affiliate/external links or links not related to the content of your post will be rejected or we will remove them without warning [Please Look Into That as It is Important To Us].
  3. It is worthy of notice that your post should contain at least a minimum of 50-100 words.
    That notwithstanding, it should be of high quality and must be free of grammatical errors—Anyone from our team will still proofread it anyway[Double Check Your Posts].
  4. It is necessary that your post contain images or screenshots depending on it’s content, which could be attached anyway with its positions in the article.
    NOTE: You must have a minimum of one image (600px X 400px !important) Size: 100kb at Most and if the image doesn’t belongs to you, it must be credited appropriately.[You can See Some Of Our Articles Where We Give Credits Back To Its Research Source]
  5. You are to include a byline (with/without your picture) at the end of the post. This should give background information about you and your blog/website and other details.
    Optionally, you can add the link of your profile on any of the social websites via. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or our social connect etc.
  6. Please note that we will never disregard your guest posts; we must give you a feedback or notice—it’s either your post[s] is[are] accepted or rejected.
  7. It will be appreciated if you insert into your post; the links of previous, related posts on this blog within our site (for reference purpose to suite our guests/members who missed out any of your articles).
  8. Finally, if the post is a tutorial, it is pertinent that the guest writer comments and answer all questions that might arise after the post has been published in order to satisfy its reader.

We are Glad You read our terms now; if you are still interested in guest posting on this blog, then mail your guest post to and computerbrainland[at]gmail.com

Benefits of Writing:

→→ Each writer is acknowledged at the bottom of the article
→→ Great exposure to a persistently huge growing traffic
→→ Received recognition and appreciation/kudos
→→ You Will Improve Your Writing Skills and Reading Skills

How long will it take to publish your post ?

From the time of going over your post and giving you feedback should not exceed 48 hours. If the post was accepted, from the time of giving you feedback to publishing it on our Site, would not exceed 12 hours. you can also monitor your posts in order to know how active it is.

Thanks and If you have any Questions or Query, Please Make Use of Our Contact Page, Mails and Numbers. We will look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.

For Those Who Want To Write and Publish Their Written Articles Themselves. Please Note That You Must Own a Personal Computer. If You are Interested, please kindly contact us. We will create a publisher account for you.

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