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How I Changed My Existing WordPress Site Permalink To HTML and Still Maintained SEO

Hello and Hi Once Again to all my WordPress Fans out there, hope things are going well with you?. Today am gonna be talking about WordPress and SEO and my tutorial or guide is gonna base on how to successfully change any wordpress site permalink to html and still maintain your SEO even down to google webmaster tool or anywhere you submit your sitemap .xml file to for search engine optimization.

If you have been following this blog, you will notice some changes in its post url in the sense that there is a new extension at the suffix which is .html. Yeah, I decided to change to this permalink format due to the fact that I have noticed .html has been in existence for so many years and I believe search engines loves it that way. I also discovered Google itself runs this .html url extenstion for many years till date via their self owned blogger platform which we popularly know to be

Do you know that WordPress offers you the ability to create a custom URL structure for your permalinks and archives. Custom URL structures can improve the aesthetics, usability, and forward-compatibility of your links and I must confess to you that the default WordPress permalink which is been activated on all fresh wordpress installation is not SEO-friendly, so I want you to know that when you install a fresh WordPress for the first time, the next thing that should come to your mind after a complete installations should be you changing your permalink.

So believe me that when considering important aspects of SEO on any site, the site permalink surely plays major role in the overall optimization. A permalink is a permanent link of your page and posts, and it doesn’t change with time. By default, WordPress offers permalinks like this: ⇒ Looks Canonical

The above type of permalink is not search engine friendly, so most newbie webmasters just starting with WordPress fail to create a site that is optimizing WordPress permalinks for SEO because they are using the default permalinks.

Wordpress Site Permalink To HTML

Now, Talking about having a date in your permalink structure has proven to diminish the CTR from the search results for older posts in the sense that People are not likely to click on a result that’s more than a year old, even though it might very well be that your post has the answer they seek.

In SEO, using the perfect permalink helps to keep things simple.

What’s the benefit of having “.html” at the end of permalinks?

Google and its crawler bots cares. MSN, Yahoo, Bing Too should care too. The “.html” extension makes your blog posts and pages appear to be static. So, Using “.html” will encourage spiders to come and crawl your site more frequently. While you could use “.php” as an extension for your pages, because of this benefit – ‘the static look’ – , it’s not recommended “.php” in your permalink would tell the search engines that your content is dynamic and so search engine spiders may limit the frequency they check out your website.

Changing WordPress Site Permalink To HTML and Maintain SEO

Am Glad You were now convinced and decide to make some changes on Wordpress Site Permalink To HTML which will never affect your site because I know some of you are curious to know how it wont affect an existing wordpress site without any Error 404 -Page Not Found On Your Initial Url. Some of you will be telling to yourself that this can only work if its a fresh WordPress Site, but I will prove you wrong 🙂 .

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We all know that an existing site tends to have gotten its links anywhere via sharing to Social Networks or Visitors bookmarking Your Posts or Contents, so if you change your permalink, there is a great draw back on your SEO in the sense that they wont be able to access the contents anymore, even search engine crawlers. So to achieve the Existing SEO you already have, you need a WordPress Plugin Called CHANGE PERMALINK HELPER To Simply Get This Done In a jiffy with just a single install and activation. With This, You don’t have to be a guru or stressing yourself editing any .htaccess file from your site root directory.

What’s The Function Of CHANGE PERMALINK HELP Plugin?

It Works On All Version of WordPress Till Date [Tested by Me]. This plugin uses the slug of the new url and search for a ID in the database of WordPress. If it finds a post according to the slug, the Plugin will redirect to the correct post and send a header message “moved permanently 301” to change the url on the index of search engines. So I Say Congrats 🙂 . I Just Proved Your Negative Thoughts Wrong 🙂 .

Now Follow My Steps To Achieve The Case Study:

⇒ Simply Login To Your WordPress Dashboard
⇒ Navigate To SETTINGS > PERMALINK [See Image Below]
Wordpress Site Permalink To HTML

⇒ Now Mark The Custom Structure and Type in /%postname%.html [ You can as well add a Forward Slash at the end if You like]

Wordpress Site Permalink To HTML

⇒ Save Setting and Lets Move To The Permalink Helper Plugin.

How To Install Change Permalink  Helper

Please Note That Installing This Plugin is Necessary Only If You Have an Existing WordPress Site Like Mine. i.e to . So With That, The First link with no .html extension will simply take You to The new URL with .html . You can test run it yourself by clicking on the first link and when it opens, simple check your address bar. 🙂

Lets Do This Wordpress Site Permalink To HTML  Stage2 😉

⇒ Simply Login To Your WordPress Dashboard
⇒ Navigate to PLUGINS>ADD NEW
⇒ Type in the search bar this keyword “CHANGE PERMALINK HELPER”  [See Image Below]
Wordpress Site Permalink To HTML
⇒ Kindly Install and Activate. There you go having fun at a single click.

Bye now, I believe I have saved your fears and answered some huge questions you had in mind? Oh Yes, cos I feel it.

WARNING: Don’t Use This If You Currently Have Any Redirection Plugin as It Won’t work and will end up your New Permalink to Error404 page not found. 🙂

NOTE: This Only Works On Self Hosted WordPress.

Conclusion: No one is ever perfect in life or in whatever we do but with the right guide and experience, we can hit the nail on the head in a jiffy. With this tutorial, I strongly believe you enjoyed the changes in your Content SEO for Better Optimization. Please I would love you to share your experience and your thoughts for better further research on the case study.

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  • You just broke it all down and at the same time made wordpress so simple for me. I must say kudos to you, I have been following your wordpress articles and I find them all cool. Am launching a new blog and I will use the .html permalink.


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