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Convert Your Website Visitors Into LIKES with CONVERSIONS BOX

Conversions Box is a nice way to remind your readers about your blog’s Facebook page! Easy to setup, great to look at. Converting website visitors to something that will benefit your blogging goal could sometimes be so challenging most especially as a newbie or as a very optimistic being.

Yes, everyone needs a positive result in a very fast way but the only truth is that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” so don’t let up πŸ™‚ .

I have visited many websites and have seen lots of popups which grabs the attention of many site visitors in order to interact with what so ever the “Call To Action” says. Luckily few days ago when I was visiting a Friends’ Blog [Abel Babalola] and whoola I fell for some new features which got my attention, so I felt like sharing part of what I saw for every website owners.

Today, I won’t be talking only how this guide will benefit WordPress fans alone but also Blogspot fans and any other website platforms in as much its scripts are self hosted and can be altered.

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Lets Get Started with Conversions Box πŸ˜‰

Conversions Box is a Free Scroll Triggered Facebook Like Box. Conversions Box aims at converting WEBSITE VISITORS INTO LIKES by growing your Facebook Fan Pages and at the same time improves your new likes conversion rate by up to 76%.

Conversions Box provides an auto generated JavaScript which can be embedded in any website code in order to give the output result with a customized “Call-To-Action”. Though this is not yet known to many other website owners nor addicted bloggers around as this seems to be new online and this is why am gonna be the first to blog this.

OK, How Can We Run Conversions Box on our Sites [Be it WordPress or Any Other]

β‡’β‡’ Simply Visit http://conversionsbox.comΒ  [Click to open in a New Tab]

Conversions Box Input Options

β‡’β‡’ Insert/Write your desired “Call-To-Action” Sentences/Words

β‡’β‡’ Insert your Facebook Fan Page Link

β‡’β‡’ Click on “Get The Code”, then the JavaScript code will be auto generated for use πŸ™‚ .

Conversions Box Script

β‡’β‡’ Now that we have the code, Simply copy it somewhere and lets make use of it πŸ™‚ .

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Using Conversions Box On WordPress

β‡’β‡’ Simply LoginΒ  to your WordPress Site Admin.

WordPress Theme Editor

β‡’β‡’ Navigate through “APPEARANCE” > “EDITOR” [Note: Your current/default theme file will be loaded]

Theme Editor Header php

β‡’β‡’ Once the page is loaded. Navigate through the right sidebar and locate the “Header.php” file of the theme.

β‡’β‡’ Click the “Header.php” File to open and have access to its inner codes.

WordPress Header Php Tag

β‡’β‡’ Locate in the scripts there in and locate where you have the close header tag which is either </head> or </header>

β‡’β‡’Β Simply paste the copied Conversions Box JavaScript before the close tag

β‡’β‡’Β Click onΒ “Update”Β  to save the changes/alteration.

β‡’β‡’ Yeah, we are done with the WordPress aspect.

Using Conversions Box On Blogspot [Blogger]

β‡’β‡’Β Simply Login to your blogger dashboard

β‡’β‡’Β Navigate through and locateΒ “Template”

Blogger Template Edit

β‡’β‡’ Click on “Template” to open

β‡’β‡’Β Click on “Edit Html” to gain access to default template script

Blogger Template Edit

β‡’β‡’Β Now use the PC keyboard shortcut to locate the header by using CTRL+F”

β‡’β‡’ Search for </head> or </header> and paste the Conversions Box JavaScript Code there.

β‡’β‡’ There you go explore more conversions to your Facebook Fan Pages πŸ™‚ .

How Does Conversions Box Look Like after Successful Script Installation

Below is how the end result output of the script, just at the right-down-side of any site running it πŸ™‚ .

Conversations Box Output Final

Conclusion: For WordPress Fans, at least this will save us some extra plugin installations. Everyone wanna succeed in his/her field by getting a good conversion result down to Facebook Fan Pages with just a single click of Like. ConversionBox gets that done easily and in a jiffy.

Do you have troubles getting this scripts installed on your sites? then you can make use of the comment box below and I will reply you or even get it done for you πŸ™‚ . Remember to share this to your friends and field partners via your social medias.


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