How To Use GLO BIS on PC with a Modem

How to use GLO BIS on PC has been one of the top article request from my fans and heaven knows that Internet is the order of the day which gave a conclusion with the believe that everyone just wanna stay online and get updated at all time, but obviously, many people are not finding it so cool with our Internet Service Providers [ISP] due to the rate at which they charge for data rates in terms of end users paying high on a lesser data plan which can be easily consumed in a jiffy.

Recently or let me simply say months ago, our dear GLO with Pride had some increment in data bundles of which the Glo Bis fell a victim of this changes which was formally #1000 and currently #1400, but we got no choice than to dance to the increment just to save our dear internet fun/activities.

No time to waste here because I know you guys really need the main part of this article and sincerely its high time I walked you through every aspect of it in my usual way of writing with pictorial guides, but first we need to subscribe to the plan in order to get ready for the connection. This plan is capped 3gb which I think it still worth that Price up there 🙂 .

How to subscribe for GLO BIS BlackBerry Complete Plan

⇒ Get a registered and internet enabled GLO SIM Card [New or Old]

⇒ Insert the SIM into a BlackBerry Device

⇒ Make sure you have #1400 loaded on the SIM

⇒ Now, navigate through your message and create a new message

Glo Bis Comonth To 777

⇒ Type or send “COMONTH” to “777

⇒ Now wait for the network success response which will notify you of a complete BlackBerry monthly subscription of 3gb.

⇒ Congrats, you just have an active BlackBerry subscription.

⇒ Remove the SIM from your BlackBerry and get your Modem Ready.

How To Use GLO BIS On Pc with a Modem

⇒ Insert the Active GLO SIM into your Modem

⇒ Connect the Modem to your PC USB PORT

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⇒ Launch the Modem window tab and configure its APN [Access Point Name] as it is below


No Username, No Password

⇒ Save the new configuration and Exit


⇒ Connect the Modem with the new settings

⇒ Launch your browser and there you go exploring the net. GLO BIS on PC Connected

GLO BIS 3gb data plan for #1400. Enjoy surfing at a lesser and easier/affordable rate. The good and interesting aspect of it is that it powers every application on your Computer.

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Let me know if you have implemented this and in any case you find something difficult, kindly update the comment section and you will be attended to 🙂 . Happy Surfing.

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