How To Troubleshoot Computer USB Ports in Windows O.S

Hello Fellas and How Are You Doing Today? I Hope you all Fine and Thanks For Following My Blog. Hey Today am Gonna be showing you how to troubleshoot Computer USB Ports Without Restarting Your PC. I want you to know that our computers can be damn funny and pissing off at times but we got no choice than to dance to the given problem or fault.


A USB port is said to be a standard cable connection interface on every single personal computers and consumer electronics. This Port allow stand-alone electronic devices to be connected via cables to a computer (or to each other).

USB is simply denoted to be Universal Serial Bus, an industry standard for short-distance digital data communications. USB allows data to be transferred between devices. USB ports can also supply electric power across the cable to devices without their own power source.

how to troubleshoot Computer USB Ports

So Have You ever experienced any kind of situation whereby you tried to connect any device [Printers, HDD, Bluetooth, Modem e.t.c.] to your Pc via Your USB ports and unfortunately for the connected device not recognized at all or wont pick up nor feel like something is connected. This sucks and makes you feel silly to yourself thinking you just used this port recently.

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What Do you Feel could be the cause of this sudden connectivity lock out.
1. Your Pc Is Overloaded With Devices
3. You Don’t Shut Down Via The Start Menu [You Just Hold On Your Power button]
4. Your Drivers Might Need Update
5. You Disconnect Your Attached Device Manually

How To Troublshoot Computer USB Ports

If You Follow my Steps on Getting Your USB Port Drivers Refreshed, You gonna regain your USB Port Connectivity without restarting your PC in a Jiffy and Save Yourself from sudden headaches.

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To Achieve this You Need To Access Your “Device Manager

1. Click On Your Start Menu

how to troubleshoot Computer USB Ports
2. Search “Device Manager” or Hold “Window Button + R” and type in “devmgmt.msc” into the RUN Command Prompt and Press Enter

3. Now We Have The Device Manager Window Pop Out

4. Now Scroll Down To Your Computer USB Ports Device Drivers and locate anyone faulty one. If You See Anyone With A Triangle Δ Troubleshooting Icon, then Proceed To Next Step

5. Right Click On Each Of Em’ and Click Uninstall

how to troubleshoot Computer USB Ports

how to troubleshoot Computer USB Ports


6. After Successful Un-Installation. Click On The Refresh Icon To Reload and Bring Your USB Drivers Back.
how to troubleshoot Computer USB Ports

how to troubleshoot Computer USB Ports

Now Connect Your Device and Its Gonna Load It Up and You gonna access your connected device again.

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CONCLUSION: Now That We Have Successfully Troubleshooted Our Drivers/Devices, I Believe Next Time It Ain’t Gonna Be a Headache When We Find Ourselves or Friends In This Issue. So, That’s It Fellas.. Share Your Views as I love Comments. ⇒ Remember To Share

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