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Best Interlinking Method Or Control For WordPress Sites/Any Site and Why

Hello WordPress Fans. There You go with another Lengthy WordPress Related Article From Me to You 🙂 . In this article, am not gonna be talking much though but am just gonna walk you through some useful tips regarding this WordPress Tutorial on My Best Interlinking Method For WordPress Users or any Other Site.

Your Site Interlinking Method Is Very Important and If You Could Remember or Followed my Article Updates, I Have Written some articles based on Links, where I talked about How to control Outbound and Inbound Links within a WordPress Site. I also shared my Experience on How I Successfully Changed Webspotted.Com’s Site Permalink to html and Stilled Maintained SEO.

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Today’s  gonna be different and I believe you might at least consider this article useful. By now, everyone should very much know that WordPress is so flexible and it gives so many convenience and easy knowledge of how the System Works. I have been using WordPress for long and as time went on, I started discovering some stuff about it and how to make things easy for You and I.

I want you to know that every link that exist within your WordPress website has a Main Domain which accepts calls of every links within the entire Site by Queries. What do I mean? We all know that a site domain name comes before every permalink.

At this Juncture, I Know The Question WHY? is whats on your Mind. So Why can’t You Just Chill 😉

Best Interlinking Method For WordPress Sites or Any and Why

What are Permalinks?
Permalinks are the permanent URLs to your individual weblog posts, as well as categories and other lists of weblog postings or a permanent static hyperlink to a particular web page or entry in a blog.

For Example.

The Permalink of the above URL is /detect-themes-and-plugins-a-wordpress-site-is-using.html

Let Me Explain The Above Two Links In Source Code or Hyperlink Format:

  1. <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>
  2. <a href=”/detect-themes-and-plugins-a-wordpress-site-is-using.html” target=”_blank”>/detect-themes-and-plugins-a-wordpress-site-is-using.html</a>

The First Link is not really a good for interlinking method Your Articles, Images or Anything that has to do with any link within your Site and under The Control of your Default Domain.

The Second Link is so cool in the sense that you give your database or Render some request for your link to pick up its default associated domain with ease. The “/” before the permalink queries the Database Automatically to Process the Main Domain to Precede and take The Click to the real destination.

The Other Advantage of using the Second Permalink style is when you Wanna Change your sites Primary Domain and make use of a new domain. Lets take for example, you wanna change your domain and use a new one, you don’t have to be looking or fetching the existing interlinks within your site for editing. I mean by changing the preceding URL to the new one. That’s kinda stressful and will result in Some Error404 Page not Found or Broken Links.

My Above Explanation fully describes how it works for other Websites 🙂 . Now am Switching The Topic For My WordPress Fans.

Best Interlinking Method For WordPress Sites

Hello WP Fans. I have Said it all Above but am Just Gonna Give the Tutorial Aspect of It In Pictorial Formats.

We both know that We can view our WordPress Domain From Our Admin Dashboard by Navigating Through “Settings>General” where we have the TagLine, Site Title Membership and Others. see below image.
Best Interlinking Method For WordPress Sites or Any and Why

The Above Image Proves That We already have a Preceding Domain to every Links within the Operation of Our WordPress Sites.

Now Let Me Narrow Down To the Article Interlink Aspect of WordPress. NOTE: Your Images Wont Have any 404 Page Not Found or Report any Image Broken Links when you wanna Change your Default URL to a New One 🙂 . I promise. Only Your Articles Can. So that’s another reason of sharing this article with you.

Now lets take for example, We are composing a new article for the aim Publishing and updating our Site and You might need to bring in Old articles in order to give full understanding to your Users and to aid their User Experience.

Ok. Now That You are in the WordPress Post Window. You Gonna be Interlinking in this Format after You Click on the “Insert/Edit Link” Button. See Image Below.

Best Interlinking Method For WordPress Sites or Any and Why

Best Interlinking Method For WordPress Sites or Any and Why

From the Captured Screenshot above. You see I painted the Main Domain, So what we gonna be doing there is just to clear the Domain and leave the Remaining Permalink, this also can be applied to your Tags, Categories Interlinking. Also Remember To Mark the “Open Link in new Tab” which is gonna help your End User Experience and Its not gonna Close the Current Page User was After Clicking The Interlinked Url 🙂 . Read: 10 Great Things To Consider When Writing Perfect Articles on Your Blogs.

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CONCLUSION: I have discussed practically and theoretically about Links and this current Article might look Complex But Its Strictly Meant for Those Who has higher Knowledge and Better Understanding of How Interlinking Method and Strategies Work. But believe me, I have given the full understanding on how this work for every one. 🙂 I will refer Back to this Article Soonest regarding Domain Mapping  and Google Adsense. Its also gonna Be Technical But I Got your Back.

Let me Say Happy Blogging 🙂 . See you in ma Next Update..

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