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Complete A-Z Guide on How To Install WordPress Via cPanel

Wow, Its a new month, Happy New Month. I believe how to install WordPress has been one of my favorite article request from fans out there, but why? Its simply because WordPress has been the order of the day right from time. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL, its Features include a plugin architecture and a template system. WordPress has gone a very long way under the webmastering world and so shall it be because its flexible, user friendly and at the same time can be twisted to make another version of a complete website that you can ever imagine.

I will be putting you through the complete A-Z tutorial on how to install WordPress on a self hosted platform and when I say self hosted platform, something should probably come to our minds. Yeah, we simply need some online based requirements to achieve this installation.

Few months back, I have been recommending few web hosts which I have been with for some years now and they are BlueHost, Arvixe and HostWind. And according to my reviews about them, they both offer a very good service to their end users when it comes to both technical issues or what their well optimized severs renders when it comes to WordPress Hosting.

They both offer unlimited bandwidth, storage, premium support and, everything else you need to run a WordPress blog. Below is sign up/review link, which will also let you grab the maximum possible discount on the two host.

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If you do follow my previous articles on WordPress, I have been writing stuffs around the world of self hosted WordPress sites. A Self Hosted WordPress site is the one which you will get a web host and a domain in order to enjoy full access to your site files and maintenance as you gonna be in full control of every single stuffs there in and to be candid, a self hosted site is the best when it comes to monetizing your site or even trying to make a brand of your dream.

Complete Guide to Install WordPress Sites

In this guide, I will be using Arvixe Web Host . Arvixe offers a standard cPanel hosting, which comes with Softaculous Apps Installer, this installer has loads of scripts depending on your choice of installation but for now, we are on WordPress. Softaculous Apps Installer is one of the easiest way to install WordPress, or you can use manual WordPress installation method [Hope to write on this soon]. Though, for the ease of installation process, I would suggest using Softaculous Apps Installer and I assume you already have a Web Hosting Plan with Arvixe, and you are ready to move ahead with this tutorial, if not, then SignUp for a Plan.

Though I have written many articles on WordPress and I believe its worth checking on them after this guide. One thing I love about Arvixe is that the server provides the options to optimize your site without the need of plugins. You need to read my article on Full Optimization Guide on WordPress.

Oops, lets go down to the main topic.

Arvixe Login Page

⇒⇒ Simply Login to your Arvixe Customer account

Arvixe Dashboard

⇒⇒ Click on your hosting package to launch its full dashboard.

⇒⇒ Simply scroll downward and locate where you have ‘Hosting Information”

Arvixe Main Dashboard

⇒⇒ Click on “LOGIN TO CPANEL” which opens in a new browser tab [Another way to login to a sites cPanel is via http://sitedomain:2086 and press enter or follow the cPanel link your host sent to your registered mail during signup]

⇒⇒ Once you are in the cPanel, simply navigate downward and locate where we have “SOFTWARE”

Arvixe Softalucous

⇒⇒ Now click on “Softaculous App Installer” to launch Installer tab [Depending on your Host as some comes with “Fantastico”]

Arvixe Softalucous

⇒⇒ As we can see, this installer got sop many scripts available, but we are currently gonna be installing WordPress which is already considered the number one top scripts and this should tell you it wasn’t a lie when I said its the order of the day 🙂 .

⇒⇒ Move your mouse towards WordPress and click on “Install”

Below is the Installation screen and configuration. [Concentrate Here]

SECTION1 – How To Install WordPress

Install WordPress

Note: Here you need to decide if you want your domain to be with www or without www. but short url rocks, so I recommend selecting non www. (You will get this options when you click on Dropdown, refer above screenshot).

  • If you have bought an SSL certificate from your host at signup, then you can also choose ‘https://”
  • Choose the domain which is gonna make use of the installation
  • In Directory, kindly delete the default input if you don’t want your site to be installed in a sub directory but at the root of the domain.

SECTION2 – How To Install WordPress [Site Settings]

Install WordPress

  • Site Name: Here you gonna decide what short name you wanna give your site
  • Site Description: This is the place where you just gonna give a short info of what your site is all about 🙂
  • Admin Username: Enter your desired admin username [Note: do not use usernames like “admin”, “administrator” or the default inputs, simply because of hackers attacks. Use something like your nickname or site name]
  • Admin Password: Here, you simply need to enter a complex password which is gonna be hard for any intruder/bot to guess but try to remember it. try combinations of CAPITAL and small Letters, Digits and Symbols. e.g w3b@SP077ed#
  • Admin Email: Here, you gonna enter an active mail which will be used by admin even when you wanna recover any admin login details in case its forgotten 🙂 .
  • Site Language: Most sites are running on English but you might just wanna swerve to another, so just click and choose your desired language. [ I recommend installation of Site language Translator Plugins once you complete this Tutorial as it will get your site go a long way across the globe 🙂 #Just my 40% advice]

SECTION3 – How To Install WordPress [Advance Options]

This section has the technical aspect as its where you do some tweaks only if you know what you are doing [Skip this section if its too complex for you 🙂 but Let me break its jaw 😀 ]

Click on the + icon to expand the section

Install WordPress 3 Drop Down

Below are the options there in

Install WordPress Database Options

  • Database Name: Here is where you can make a name for your Database [ I love using a name related to the domain for easy access when I have more than one site database]
  • Table Prefix: Here is where you decide the name which your Database table structure will take. [You can simply change it to a complex type to.] NOTE: it must end with _
  • Disable Update Notifications: Don’t mark that so as to get reports of any necessary updates.
  • The Auto Options: For me and for security reasons, I strongly advise you mark those options for automatic updates of your installed scripts.
  • Backups: Its cool to back up a site just in case of any error or downfall as its gonna serve as your backup. [You know how it feels to loose something you really worked hard for? 😉 ] So choose a back up rotation from the drop down, I currently make use of the monthly backup.

SECTION4 – How To Install WordPress [Theme Choice] – optional

Install WordPress Theme

  • You can just select any theme [Can be changed later after full installation]
  • Email Installation Notification: Here is where you input your active mail which will receive your Installation details which will carry all necessary info [For Record Purpose]

Final Stage – Click on Install

Installing WordPressAbove is what it looks like with “Softaculous App Installer” and below is Fantastico
Fantastico App Installer

⇒⇒ Once its loaded up to 100%, the that confirm a successful Installation of Scripts.

Insatall WP Complete

⇒⇒Oh Yeah!! We just installed a fresh WordPress Site and below is what a fresh WordPress Site Homepage looks like from its main Domain.

Fresh WordPress Site

That’s how simple and fast to bring a new WordPress site to live 🙂 and now that we eventually had a nice installation, then its high time we logged into our WordPress Admin Dashboard via http://site-domain/wp-admin

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CONCLUSION: With my full tutorial/guide, I believe I just added to your skills and at the same time gave you an opportunity to find yourself a job online from freelance sites like Fiverr and others. Remember that you can’t just install a fresh WordPress Site and leave it like that, so its high time we explored some of webspotted previous WordPress Articles and there you go as I will be dropping more soon 🙂 . Once again, Happy new month.

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How to install WordPress is the first thing to win our blogging aim and now we can get that done. 😀 To be candid, I think I deserve some rest now. Read all my WordPress based articles by » Clicking Here « [opens all in a new tab] 🙂 See you in ma next article. Also remember to share this article with friends via your social networks or with words of mouth. Got any query? then let make use of the comment section below 🙂 .

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