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3 Ways To Install WordPress Plugins and Themes

Hey guys, its been a long time again here with you and am happy to come up with another cool stuff for some newbies who have been facing some lil difficulties with or regarding WordPress and in this article, am gonna be walking you through on different ways of which both WordPress Plugins and Themes can be installed on your WordPress self hosted blogs.

The main reason of coming up with this kind of article is due to some of my Facebook fans who wanna go into blogging with WordPress platforms. I have been into WordPress for a very long time though I can’t say am a guru but I have some technical experience with it.

I have recently written an article on How to detect the themes and plugins used on a particular WordPress site where I showed how to go about it manually and automatically with and online tool and if you have been into the WordPress Platform for a long time, you will notice that we can have many options in order for use to install our themes and plugins and successfully activate them with no bug or error.

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You might have ever wondered that you once search for a particular WordPress plugin or theme from your Admin Back-end and you weren’t able to get it anymore from the WordPress Repo [search and install method], so you gonna be left with either getting such plugin or theme from another site or from a friend who probably has it on his PC.

Remember we have both free and paid versions of WordPress Plugins and Themes. So if you gonna be getting the paid version, then I simply recommend this tutorial for you because you gonna be needing it when it comes to installation.

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3 Ways To Install WordPress Plugins and Themes

WordPress is very flexible and it gives a wider room for full customization and easy understanding about its environment. I have gathered some cool steps to follow and its gonna be left to you to go for any of em, most especially if one seems not to work for you , then you try the other one.

Let me list and give names to the 3 ways/methods of installation;

  1. Search and Install/Activate
  2. Download/Locate, Upload and Activate
  3. Cpanel FTP Upload and Activation

1.  The “Search and Install/Activate” method:

With this method, you need to be the admin of the site you are trying to install either Plugins or Themes and to go about this, you gonna need to;

⇒ Login to the WordPress Site Admin Dashboard

⇒ For Plugin Installation; Navigate through “PLUGINS > ADD NEW”

⇒ Simply type in the Plugin name/keyword you wanna install

WordPress Plugins and Themes

⇒ You gonna have series of search results related to your inputted query

⇒ Now that we have gotten our searched plugin, its high time we installed it

⇒ Activate and configure it [if allowed]

For Themes:

⇒Login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard

⇒ Navigate Through “APPEARANCE > THEMES”

WordPress Plugins and Themes

⇒Click on “ADD NEW”

⇒ locate the search bar and type in your desired theme keyword

WordPress Plugins and Themes

⇒ Hit the enter button for it to query the Theme Repo

⇒ Now that your desired theme has been located

⇒Simply click on “INSTALL”

⇒ Yeah. you just installed a new theme.

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2. The Upload, Install and Activate Method

This method is probably been used most especially when you have any particular WordPress Plugins and Themes on your storage device and you wont be needing passing through the stress of searching over the internet anymore. This method is so cool simply because there are some WordPress Plugins and Themes which you wont have access to anymore online or in the WordPress Repo. But with the help of you having it on your device, it makes it easy to simply locate, upload and activate them.

How to go about it? Am simply gonna walk you through how to go about it for both WordPress Plugins and Themes. Remember, we still gonna be accessing our WordPress Site Admin Dashboard. So let me believe we are both in and ready to get this part done in a jiffy 🙂 .

Following the above images, simply locate where I marked with the upload options and follow the images below.

⇒ After clicking on upload

⇒ Click on browse to locate where you have the copy of the theme or plugin you wanna upload [See to Images]

WordPress Plugins and Themes

WordPress Plugins and Themes

⇒ Now that you have located your desired WordPress Themes or Plugins

⇒ Click on install and you can proceed to activating them

⇒ And Lo, you just activated a new theme or plugin 🙂 .

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3. Cpanel FTP Upload and Activation

This aspect is gonna be a little bit technical but its the final solution to some of the errors we get when we try the above listed methods. Seriously, to achieve this, you gonna need a full access to your WordPress Self Hosted FTP i.e the root of your site where all its master scripts/folders are been kept. Don’t be scared, am gonna get you through this 😉 .

I believe we all know how to access our Web Hosting Cpanel Dashboards. If you don’t, then I probably have a lazy way of accessing. Simply type in your browser bar “your-domain.tld:2082” and strike enter. You should find yourself at your Cpanel Login Page 🙂 .

Cpanel Login Page

⇒ Login to your Cpanel

Cpanel File Manager

⇒ Navigate through and locate “FILE MANAGER”

⇒ Click on it and Launch Site Root

Cpanel FTP Public Html

⇒ Locate and Open either “WWW’ or “Public_Html” Folder to access site root

Cpanel FTP WP COntent

⇒ Locate and Open “Wp-Contents

Cpanel FTP WP Content Plugins and Themes

⇒ Now, We gonna see both Themes and Plugin Folder [That is where every installed WordPress Themes and Plugins are been saved]

⇒ OK, lets take for example, we wanna install Nominal WordPress Theme from where its been saved on the Computer or storage device

⇒ Open the theme folder from “public_html/wp-content/themes” [ For Plugin, it “public_html/wp-content/plugins”

Cpanel FTP WP COntent Plugins and Themes Upload

⇒ Click on upload [Might open in a new tab but will close after upload is complete]

Cpanel FTP WP COntent Theme Upload

⇒ Select file location or Drag it to the page from its source

NOTE: File will be in Zip format so as to extract it into a folder

⇒ Wait while it uploads

Cpanel FTP Themes Extraction

⇒ Once upload is complete, then proceed to extraction

Cpanel FTP Themes Extraction Folder

Cpanel FTP Themes Extraction Folder

⇒ Once extraction is complete

Cpanel FTP Themes Extraction Folder

⇒ Login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard

WordPress Admin Dashboard Plugin and Theme access

⇒ Navigate through through “APPEARANCE> THEMES”

WordPress Themes Activation

⇒ There, you gonna see your uploaded theme

⇒ Proceed to Activation and customization.

NOTE: I want you guys to know that same process is applicable to plugins after its been uploaded to the PLUGIN Folder.

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CONCLUSION: I believe by now I have successfully walked you the 3 ways of getting any WordPress themes and plugins installed to our WordPress sites. You wont have any issue or problem after you have read through this tutorial. Just in case you have any issues or questions, please do me a favor by dropping them via comments and I will act on em’ all.

Happy Blogging….

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