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How to Control Inbound and Outbound Links in WordPress

We are WordPress Fans, Yes We Are, So Believe Me, Its Not Easy to Control Inbound and Outbound Links as this Might Be So Stressful Especially When it Comes To Blogs With Huge Numbers Of Articles With Inbound and Outbound Links. This could arise when you try to update anchor texts, adding or removing nofollow tag, editing links and lots more. So Its gonna be and whole lots of headaches and at the same time tough for You and I to check each post individually and fix the links.

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Google Hates seeing lots of affiliate links on a site or within a post which states “Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site’s ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.” > Read In Full <

I felt like going into affiliate marketing and to achieve this easily and to bring at least more sale via it by adding my links. I decided to find something that will monitor all my links so as to avoid Google penalizing me. So During my researches, then I discovered this so called  “Outbound Link Manager” plugin.

But Firstly, Get This That Inbound/Internal Links are links which exists withing your site i.e which links fro one of your articles to another article of yours in a single site WHILE Outbound/External Links are links Which From your Site Redirects To Another Website be it in a Current tab or opened in a new Browser Tab.

I know many of my readers will be confused that i said its named as outbound link manager, but the pretty aspect is that you can also manage your internal posts/pages links by using this plugin. So in short, This plugin helps you to manage both your sites internal & external links from one place in a jiffy.

How to Control WordPress Links [ Inbound and Outbound Links ]

Am Just Gonna Be Brief and Walk you through how to get this done in a jiffy though according to wordpress repository which flaunts that the plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years, but the joy is that it working great for me and should work for you too. But I would suggest you to delete the plugin once your task has done.

Steps To deal with Inbound and Outbound Links;

1. Firstly I Guess by now, we all know how to install plugins to wordpress. Install the Outbound Link Manager plugin by Going to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New Plugins and Search The Name ” Outbound Link manager”. (How to Install Plugin Here)

How to Control Inbound and Outbound Links in WordPress

2.After Successful Installation, Just activated the plugin, Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Links Manager > Manage.

Yeah and Wow, you’ll get all links in one place displaying on several pages of its own. All links from all your posts and pages can be managed in an easy way. Isnt that great?

How to Control Inbound and Outbound Links in WordPress

Just like i said at the beginning of the post, You can now edit your desired link/anchor text and add/remove nofollow tag by using one-click options. It also supports filtering of your posts based on individual date and categories.

HOT TIP: If you are going to fix nofollow tag, here is an advice for you from a blog i follow. Use the Chrome extension “Nofollow” to find out Nofollow link easily. This extension outlines nofollow links with red dot line.

Under the Plugin OPTION Settings, The use of Whitelist & Blacklist functions is provided to set rules when a nofollow tag should be added. But mind you, use this options only if you have using this plugin for longer period of  time.

links blacklist whitelist-links

  • Add domains to the whitelist: all other links will be removed or nofollow will be added.
  • Add domains to the blacklist: all links to these domains will be removed or nofollowed, other links will not change.
  • Ignore posts/pages so that they won’t show up in the link list again. You can remove these from the ignore list through the options page.

CONCLUSION: This plugin is aimed at SEO managers who would like to monitor external links. It is also helpful to monitor external links if you are outsourcing your content creation. Hope this plugin helps you manage all links of your WordPress blog. Happy Blogging..

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