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How To Access Google Adsense Ads Without Clicking Your Site Ads

Adsense has gone viral and they still remain the best Website Monetization System For Every Publisher who wanna earn via their blogs. Here is gonna be my second article on adsense. I once wrote on How To Check If a Website Domain Is Banned From Google Adsense Program and today am gonna be giving a bypass trick that I use in accessing any ads which I see on My Site or Any.

I have once noticed that sometimes when I launch my website in my browser and all of a sudden, I came across some interesting google adsense ads rendered by google and I feel like checking them out, but Google fights against that as its been noted in their terms that Any Publisher should not try or tend to click on their ads. Read Full Policy Here. But I found a way to bypass that and easily at least access such sites that are been advertised via My Google Adsense Ads.

Adsense is free, simple to use but strict as they at times makes content publishers or site owners feel like we are not even the owner of our blogs, I sometimes feel like what the hell? I know some of you guys feel same. To cut the story short and lets hit the Case Study.

How To Access Google Adsense Ads Without Clicking Your Site Ads

For PC Users, Kindly Follow the Procedure:

1. Once You Find Any Interesting Ads That you feel Like Checking Out, Move Your Mouse Console to The Ads

Google Adsense Ads

2. Right Click On The Google Ads and Click On “Copy Link Location”

3. Open Notepad and Paste The Copied Link.

Google Adsense Ads

4. Highlight The The Link where the Ads Points too. You will see it after the “addurl=”

5.  Paste Into Your Browser and Access 🙂

v Now You Have Bypassed The Click Policy and can View Ads Page

For Mobile Users.

1.  You Can Simply Switch Off Your Internet Connection Data

2.  Go Back To Where You Have The Ads

3.  Click On It

4.  Copy The Ads URL To  you Mobile Notepad or Message Box

5.  Copy the URL after the “addurl”

6.  Switch ON your Data and Paste The URL into Your Mobile Browser and Access.


Conclusion: This is how I Sometimes bypass Self Clicks On My Ads When Ever I See Any Interesting Advert By Google. It is 100% Safe and I Believe This Might Be Somehow Useful To Someone Out There or Someone Who’s in My Shoes or Was  🙂

Happy Blogging…..

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