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Getting Rid Of Spam Comments In WordPress and Why You Should

We are WordPress Fans, happy we are. So Getting rid of Spam Comments In WordPress Sites might be an headache and When it comes to blogging and webmastering, we all find a way to update our blogs and sites with solid Optimized articles in the believe of sharing ideas to others around. But Do You Really Know that’s Spammers are always at alert and they wait blog authors to publish their articles in the aim of them coming to spam your site to gain or regain Site Traffics.

What’s Spamming?

According To Wikipedia, Electronic Spamming or Bombarding is using electronic messaging systems to transmit unrequested messages or forms (junks or spams), especially advertising, in addition to delivering messages frequently on a single site. Spamming is an act and this Loads Of Spams are mostly done via bots and some tools.

How Does It Affect A Site:

Google Spam team had previously cautioned about these spam links in the past and made it clear that Keeping spam links residing in comments would show adverse impact on your blog’s ranking.

Google [Well Known] and Some Other Search Engines are very strict about spammy backlinks and majority of the famous websites offering such backlinks happen to be punished and at the same time penalized lately. See What Google Flaunts About Spam Here and also on the Webmaster Guideline Rule.

Reasons Why Some Spammers Still Over Look The Act:

Google won’t consider invalid backlinks whatsoever. The spammy links you receive in your blog comments are mostly the websites which are already penalized previously. Such sites won’t have any organic traffic from Google. So, in order for them not to loose in every end then they choose this process as an option to promote the existence of their sites. So, they choose some of the best ranking articles within the internet search engine and then leave their link traces via comments.

Getting Rid Of Spam Comments In WordPress Manually:

Getting Rid Of Spam Comments ain’t gonna be an easy task most especially when it comes to huge numbers of them. Believe Me, many Blogger Quits Running Their Sites all because it has killed there interest in blogging. Lets Say For Example, You Wake Up and Get 150 spam Comments Daily and almost all are inscribed with spa, links and just little of em are real. This is Kind of Stressful and Waste of Time while it results to killing the blogging passion.

But I have a Solution to This [ WordPress Users ] , Just Login to your Admin Dashboard,
Scroll Down To Where You Can Mark The Following Lines
[] Comments Must be Manually approved
[] Comment Authors must Have a previosly Approved Comment

Now you Can Save.. See Image For Better Understanding..

Getting rid of Spam Comments In wordpress

Getting Rid Of Spam Comments In WordPress Automatically:

Here, Am Sure You Would be Pleased With this Step as its all gonna be easy. All you gotta do is just for you to install, configure and save, say bye to spam, then relax and enjoy blogging..
I bring to you a WORDPRESS PLUGIN CALLED WordPress Zero Spam which was was initially built based on the work by David Walsh and Ben Marshall., this Plugin will Save your time and all spam comments will be neutralized right away on submission. you can Simply Download and Install to your WordPress Plugin FTP Directory.

More Features of this Plugin is So Cool as its not only For comment spams, but also for Bots Registration Forms, Contact Form Spam blocking.

Major features in WordPress Zero Spam include:

⇒ No captcha, spam isn’t a users’ problem
⇒ No moderation queues, spam isn’t a administrators’ problem
⇒ Blocks 99.9% of spam registrations & comments
⇒ Supports caching plugins to help provide great performance
⇒ Blocks spammy IPs from ever seeing your site
⇒ Extend the plugin with action hooks
⇒ Theme & plugin integration for any form on your site
⇒ Optional logging, so you can see who’s trying to spam
⇒ Advanced settings for complete control

How To Install and Activate and Configure:

Getting rid of Spam Commenst In wordpress

Getting rid of Spam Commenst In wordpress

Goto To Your WordPress Dashboard
Navigate To PLUGINS > ADD NEW, Now Search For The Keyword “WordPress Zero Spam” and There You go.

Install and Click On The Plugin Settings and We Have in the Images above.

Conclusion: I Guess With All These Guides and Features Of The Plugin and the Manual Style, you Can Break the Chances Of Getting Spammed. If you Have any Horrible Experience With Spamming Issues, then Share With Us 🙂 . Happy Blogging.

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