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Fiverr “Post a Request” Approval Tricks To Fiverr Buyer Requests

Fiverr is strictly a global market place for creativity, offering tasks and professional services beginning at a cost of $5 per job been performed. Fiverr got its name from its default price tag “FIVErr” “5usd’. I believe everyone know much about this site as its one of the best outsourcing site for any kind of project.Ā  Fiverr Based Services are called Gigs.

According to Wikipedia, Fiverr was founded by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman in 2009, and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

This is my first article on Fiverr and I have hoped to write about the site for a long time but due to some schedule, I opted out, so lucky me today writing šŸ™‚ . Many Fiverr fans or let me just say Sellers who render one service[gigs] or the other simply finds it hard to promote their gigs[service] on Fiverr most especially when they wanna make use of the “Post and Request” option in order for them to make it to the Fiverr Buyer Requests Page and for their services[gigs] to get buyers attention.

So many people talked about this sometimes with me and I felt speechless all because I was a victim of the rejection disappointment which stops You and IĀ  from promoting our services. Yeah Fiverr claims it to be against their rules but we can’t but promote our gigs, everyone needs money and at the same time wanna prove what they’ve got.

Post a Request and Fiverr Buyer Requests

Post a Request is strictly meant for anyone who needs help regarding any problem but not for Fiverr sellers promoting their gigs. You simply post a request when what you were finding isn’t found related to all the services on Fiverr and by this way, Fiverr flaunts to your screen to Post a Request. Once your request is approved, then you just made it to the “Fiverr Buyer Requests” Page for sellers who can provide solutions to your posted request to either contact or send a custom quote price to help achieve your request.

Fiverr Buyer Requests is the page where we have every daily listings of requests from either buyers or sellers. Sellers always try to get their gigs advertised on this page as its another means of traffic and opportunity to gain more and faster sales.

Fiverr “Post a Request” Approval Tricks To Fiverr Buyer Requests

OK, I have personally studied Fiverr’s System Algorithm and I want you to know that there are many options [just 3] provided by Fiverr which enables everyone to post a request and am simply gonna guide you on the one’s to use and the one you must not use. I will also tell you why šŸ™‚ .

The Post a Request which you must not use is the one at the Drop Down Menu at your Dashboard Page. Please this is important as your requests wont get approval if you are using it to promote your gigs. See Image Below.

Post a Request" Approval Trick To Promote Gigs at Fiverr Buyer Requests

I Noticed this link comes up when we use that tab “” this makes Fiverr know you are a Seller trying to either promote your gig or make a normal post request directly. So Don’t use that šŸ™‚ .

Even if you just Typed “HI” in the Request, Fiverr tends to disapprove it. Funny tho.

Below Is The Main Tutorial

To get your request work out and get approved, we will be using the default Fiverr Search to get there and to achieve this. Follow the steps below

Post a Request" Approval Trick To Promote Gigs at Fiverr Buyer Requests

ā‡’ Type in some combination of trash words in the search bar. I used “abcdefgh ij k l m n o p q”

ā‡’ Hit Enter to search

Fiverr will notify that there is no search match found. Cool

Look into your browser, you gonna see “” did you notice where I bold in the link. So this makes you look like a confused user to Fiverr in the aim of outsourcing something via the top bar search querry.

Post a Request" Approval Trick To Promote Gigs at Fiverr Buyer Requests

ā‡’ Now hit the “Post a Request” option

The link generated will look like “” see the bold part of the url tells Fiverr you are coming in from a confused search result.

Another Option:
Another option is via the Post a Request Button from the HomePage, Once you login to your account or you simply click on the Fiverr logo to get to the Homepage.. See Image Below

The button has this link “” which tells Fiverr you are coming from the Homepage. that’s why we have the hp in the link.

Post a Request" Approval Trick To Promote Gigs at Fiverr Buyer Requests

Now that we are in the Post a Request Page, Simply enter how you intend to promote your services [ use figure 1 for Letter I]

Post a Request" Approval Trick To Promote Gigs at Fiverr Buyer Requests

ā‡’ Once you are done setting it up, you can now post the request and wait for approval

This worked for me and I hope its gonna work for you as well.

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DISCLAIMER: Please only use this once in a while and not at all time šŸ™‚ [Its against Fiverr’s rule to promote services and this might reduce your ranking status or get your account banned if not careful ]

CONCLUSION: There you go. make some lil promotion to your gigs or profile. Fiverr is a cool place to get your skills rehearsed and earn some bucks to your wallet šŸ™‚ . Do you have any other opinion or experience? kindly leave a comment and share this.

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