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Webspotted is meant for everyone so far you have full access to browse the internet anywhere in the world and we really care to hear from you by welcoming and encouraging comments, critiques, questions and open suggestions within and beyond webspotted.

We wanna interact with everyone and we need everyone, be it guest, fans to carefully respect other people’s opinion and at the same time try to stand against avoid profanity, offensive statements, illegal content and anything else that might violate our standard terms and conditions of the site and individuals personalty.

NOTE: Have it at the back of your mind that webspotted admins reserves the right to edit or delete comments especially when they contain profanity or any unwanted strings that can alternate any of the sites property. We reserve the right to also remove any unwanted/spam links associated with any of your comments as all comments undergo moderation and will appear if and when they are approved by any of our spotted admin.

IMPORTANT: Webspotted will never ask you for any of your personal/private information and please do not post any private information unless you want it to be available publicly [You are at your own risk, but if any is found, we will treat it].

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