How to Fix and Calibrate Laptop Batteries On Any Window Pc

Calibrating your Laptop battery can easily save you from backup headaches and as well save you from trying to get a new battery out there or bringing more complications via sudden effects. You might have witnessed so many issues with your laptops and you feel like what the hell is going on or feel like what’s the next thing left to do?. You might just be a broke ass nigga like I was then. lol

Everyone should probably know that without a good functioning battery in  our Laptops, then its nothing than just a common Desktop. No Battery, No Pc, yeah simply because its the number one thing to consider when getting a pc or when using one.

There are lots of ways by which your Laptop Batteries can be calibrated and I will also advice you to follow your Battery/Pc Manufacturers Instruction Manuals as its sometimes advisable to get your batteries calibrated at least every month as this helps to keep your battery reading meter/cells accurate.

Sincerely, I was once affected too, when one of my pc battery refused to charge to 100% [Stops at 83%] and this got me worried and was totally confused, but due to some little troubleshooting techniques which I came across when ever am on my Pc, then I gave a try to the technique which am gonna be sharing in this article.

Ok. Let Me Ask You. What Are The Problems?
⇒ Is Your Pc Battery Not charging To 100%?
⇒ Is Your Pc Battery Just Notifying You “Plugged In, Not Charging”?
power options for laptop batteries plugged in not charging
⇒ Is Your Pc Battery not Respecting The Fact That You Were Currently using it and It Shuts Down all of a Sudden? [That’s Disrespectful]
⇒ Is Your Pc Battery Swerving?

What Could Probably Be The Cause Of The Above Problems?
⇒ You Hibernate a lot
⇒ You Hold The Power Button To Shut your PC Down [That’s Disrespectful. lol]
⇒ You Use Your Pc On a High Temperature Environment [Don’t Place Your Pc On Your Lap or Bed To Allow Ventilation]
⇒ You Connect To many Battery Consuming Devices To It
⇒ You Watch Movies Via Your Pc ROM
⇒ You Turn On Unwanted/Unused Internal Devices[E.g. Wireless, Bluetooth, Modems e.t.c]

NOTE: This will work on any Window Operating System [Win XP to Win10 or Upcoming version] and also Remember that Nothing is perfect and nothing will last forever 🙂 .

Am Gonna Be Sharing Up To 3 Ways based on How to Calibrate Laptop Batteries and I believe by the time you give a try to any one of em’, you gonna give a thumbs up to my tutorial and probably thank me later 🙂

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Here Are My Methods To Calibrate Laptop Batteries.

Method 1 : The Drainage Method to Calibrate Laptop Batteries
With this method, all you need to do is to make sure you drain your PC Battery 0% till it shuts down itself. Let me walk you through the process to achieve this.

Charge your laptop’s battery to complete a full charge — i.e 100% or any % its stopping or claiming to be fully charged. You can use your computer normally while it’s plugged in for charging.

⇒ Simply Right Click on Your Battery Icon

Calibrate Laptop Batteries
⇒ Select Power Options.

⇒ Click From the Left Bar “Choose when to turn off the Display”

power options for laptop batteries

⇒ You should be in your computer’s power management settings

power options for laptop batteries

⇒ Set the configuration to automatically sleep or hibernate at 5% battery or lower if possible. See To below Images Above and Below.

⇒ Now Click “OK” and “Save Changes”

⇒ Now that we you are done configuring its %level actions

Disconnect the power plug [Adaptor] and leave your computer to discharge until it automatically sleeps or hibernates. To fasten its drainage, You can keep using your computer to do anything while the drainage stage happens [You can watch movies or simply browse though other articles on webspotted and share 🙂 ].

After successful drainage, your Laptop then hibernates due to critical battery level [Some Laptops Battery Might Not Respond to Power On Button Until They Are Been Plugged in For Charging]

Now You Can Simply Remove Your Battery From Your Pc and Put It Back.

Now connect you Laptop Charger and let it regain its Loss. [Its Cool If you Don’t Turn It ON until the Fully Charged Indicator turn ON]

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Method 2: The Device Manager Troubleshooting to Calibrate Laptop Batteries

Am Gonna be using the Windows Device Manager. The device manager is where we have all the lists of connected devices within our Computers be it external or internal devices.

Steps Within The Device Manager.

⇒ Hold the “Windows Button + R”

Calibrate Laptop Batteries

⇒ To Launch the Device Manager, Simply Type without quotes “devmgmt.msc

⇒Now we are in the Device manager.

⇒ Navigate through “Batteries” to Drop Down

Calibrate Laptop Batteries

⇒ Right Click on “Microsoft AC Adapter” and Uninstall

Device Manager To View Device Drivers

⇒ Do same to “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery”

Calibrate Laptop Batteries

⇒ Now after you are done uninstalling, Simply “Scan for hardware changes” and the Manager loads up your Battery Drivers for Calibration.

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Method3: Freezing To Calibrate

This might sound somehow to you but believe me, I have tested, proved this to work well and effective. You need a freezer to achieve this aim of calibration. If you don’t have any, then you can probably use one from your neighbor or friend. [I recommend this for those that also own a dead battery].


⇒ Simply get a hold of your battery

Laptop Batteries in case

⇒ Wrap in a towel or foam and Put in a sealed nylon to avoid water getting in.

Laptop Batteries wrapped in nylon

⇒ Walk up to your freezer and Place in the freezer [For at Least 12hrs and 24hrs at most].

⇒ Take the wrapped battery out of the freezer

⇒ Let the battery warm up to a certain room temperature to dry up the freezing. Your battery must be feeling cold and catarrh by now. lol

⇒ Now place back into your Laptop and charge up well.

With this method, your battery cell will reform and get calibrated. This will bring back your battery back at least to its normal state or even restore it fully.

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CONCLUSION: Nothing beats the best, I will recommend you to get a very good battery from a trusted dealer to avoid all this stress. But in any case you still fall for any battery headache, then remember I just gave the dose. so implement, enlighten others and share this. No Battery, No PC. 🙂 . Catch Me If You Can, and see you in my next article. lol

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