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  • That is a great tip Isaac, but i was expecting something else. Do you know that even if you create your own email and want to buy an adsense account it is still dangerous… Look at it from this angle (After the person made you an admin and the transaction is successful, you remove the old admin and the account all belong to you. DO YOU KNOW THAT the seller can contact google that his/her account has been hacked: some details will be requested for and the account will be restored back to it original owner)

    Best thing to do is this. If it is possible to get the person’s email for the adsense registration, then change all details in it and if possible, buy the domain from him.


    • Your comment just made a part2 tutorial to this article and I do really appreciate your time Lector Thanks for this. I will advise everyone to keep safe and if possible link more than one mail to the AdSense account after been bought.

      Once again, thanks Techlector

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