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How To Stop Automatic Billing From Your Paypal Account

Hello Pals. How are you doing today and how is it going with you all over there? I strongly believe you all fine.
Hey today am gonna be showing you and also talk about How To Stop Automatic Accounts In Paypal Accounts or we can say how to disconnect your paypal account from any website that is auto-linked to it.

For those who doesn’t know anything or has never for once had anything about Paypal:
PayPal is an American worldwide online payments system. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders. PayPal is top payment solution platform and one of the world’s largest internet payment companies. Though We have so many alternatives.

The Reason of this post is due to the reason that, I came across so many complaints from many pals around me and Online on this particular issue of getting rid of their Online payment method “PayPal” from their random Online Accounts. Some complained of in appropriate deduct/debits of bills from linked merchants or from some recent services providers which they made payments to.

Some told me “Please I mistakenly used my paypal account to pay for something on Facebook and I am gonna be charged continuously”

Some said “Please help, i wanna unlink my default payment method in order to disable an Auto-renewal or Automatic billing of services”

Some said “Please help, I suddenly got a debit alert on my phone via paypal and the exchange rate was so high of which got all my bank balance cleared due to this automatic payment”

So Today, I bring to you the full guide on how to achieve this in a jiffy with no stress nor worry. No Technical or guru skill is involved.

Just like you always know me to make my tutorials very easy to understand by implementing the Image Guidelines. Yeah. I love em’ cos i put myself in my readers shoes 🙂 .

How To Stop Automatic Billing In Paypal Account:

⇒ Login to your PayPal Account. here
Stop Auto Recurring Billing In Paypal Account

After Successful Login
⇒ Click on “Profile”.
Stop Auto Recurring Billing In Paypal Account

⇒ Click on “My Money”.
Stop Automatic Billing In Paypal Account

⇒ Look for: “My Pre-approved Payments”
Stop Auto-Recurring Billing In Paypal Account

You should see:
Manage the automatic payments, subscriptions, and installment plan payments I send to merchants.

Click on “Update”.

Next, you will see all active and cancelled billing agreements/subscriptions listed on the screen.

Click on the service-name for further action.
Stop Auto-Recurring Billing In Paypal Account

You should see on next page terms of billing agreement/subscription, how much money you have authorized service provider to deduct from your account and few other details. Most important is link to Cancel agreement, in case if it is active.

Note, when you click on Cancel, you will be prompted to confirm it once again. Click “Yes”
Stop Auto-Recurring Billing In Paypal Account

Yeah That’s It and we are done saying no to unexpected charges/debits.

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