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Why You Should Switch To AdSense Automatic Responsive Size Ad Unit

Hello fellow bloggers, its been a long time here again due to some personal stuffs offline and with friends out there. Am just gonna say “SORRY” as its all working for good and yeah, today am gonna be introducing you to some of my latest test and implementations which I have observed few weeks ago till date.

We all know Google AdSense well as a blogger and just in case you don’t know, then you can go through some of my AdSense write ups on

Firstly, I want you to know that your site design play a major and cool role in the blogging industry and down to your website end users or visitors and this is why we gotta look into every single aspect of our blog right from design, positioning, blending, and lots more, not just for ourselves alone but to be a great benefit to your website end users when it comes to easy navigation and view points.

During the past few weeks of not updating, I have gone through lots of websites that make use of Google AdSense as one of their website monetization strategy and I have seen most sites to look odd and not befitting the mobile device screens or Desktop views and if you remembered, I made mention of view points above. This view points has a long way to go with your chosen AdSense Ad size and this is why am writing this article just because of my overall experience with the AdSense Automatic Responsive Size Ad Unit.

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Why You Should Switch To AdSense Automatic Responsive Size Ad Unit

The AdSense Automatic Responsive Size Ad Unit is the best ad size for every website that make use of AdSense. I know many will feel discouraged with this article, but trust me, you gonna get what am tryna pass across once am done winning your heart. Though many bloggers or let me say AdSense Publishers try to stick to Ad Sizes like 336×280, 729×90, 300×600.

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Here is what Google Said about this Responsive ad unit Responsive ad units allow you to support a wide range of devices (i.e. computers, phones, tablets, etc.) by automatically adapting their size to fit your page layout. Regardless of which device users use to visit your website, responsive ad units can help you provide a great ad experience.” Read More @

Have you ever seen or visited some website with poor ad sizes in a way that the Ad viewable port does not befit the Ad position which makes it look like its been trimmed off or the Ad size not making the size make any sense or make any good user experience. With the automatic ad unit, even if your site is not responsive or well designed, the automatic/responsive ad unit makes things look cool when it comes to flaunting your Ads.

Am gonna be showing samples of some mobile view of AdSense Ads which looks been cropped or trimmed. See Below Captions.

AdSense Automatic Responsive Size Ad Unit

Compared To Below
AdSense Automatic Responsive Size Ad Unit

OK, let me narrow it down as here are the major reasons behind AdSense Automatic Responsive Size Ad Unit.

  1. User Friendly
  2. Best Outfit to Every Device Screens. i.e Very Responsive Layouts
  3. More Money [ Especially when you place “Advertisement” as a call to action]
  4. AdSense provides the best Ad Size according to the available Height and Width Space.
  5. Gives site visitors a good chance of clicking ads

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How To Create AdSense Automatic Responsive Size Ad Unit

⇒ Simply to your AdSense Dashboard

AdSense Automatic Responsive Size Ad Unit

⇒ Navigate the top menu and click on “My ads” tab

⇒ Click on “New Ad Unit” [The automatic size ad unit is always default]

AdSense Automatic Responsive Size Ad Unit

⇒ Now give your Automatic Responsive Ad Unit a name or label

⇒ Navigate down, Select “Save and get Code”

AdSense Automatic Responsive Size Ad Unit

⇒ Right click on the codes and copy

⇒ Proceed to where you wanna place the new codes and save em’ there.

⇒Done 🙂

Remember, if you followed my previous articles on some WordPress plugins where I wrote a full tutorial/review about a particular Ads Plugin called Ad inserter. This has been my favorite plugin.

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CONCLUSION: Switching to AdSense Automatic Responsive Size Ad Unit has really proved to be so cool overall and I must let you know that once this is fully implemented, you gonna love the interface of your sites and at the same time provide more user friendly contents to your end users. Do you have any observation or query to my write up? then please share with us via comments as its gonna boost more research and serve you better in my upcoming articles.

Future Prediction: Take it or leave it, AdSense will someday say bye to other Ad sizes and only stick to the Automatic Size Ad Unit so as to serve their advertisers better at publishers end. 🙂

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