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Ad Inserter WordPress Plugin Review ⇒ Perfect for AdSense and Other Ads

Ad Inserter WordPress Plugin is a free plugin which has been my best ads management plugin ever since I have been a WordPress Fan and I hoped one day am gonna review it to my other WordPress users. I have tested some other Ads Plugin but they didn’t meet up with my tasks and I had no choice than to get rid of em’ due to my experience and comparison.

Ad Inserter has so many features to help satisfy your Ads Control, be it for Google AdSense, Text/Native Ads, Banners, Image ads, HTML, JavaScripts. It enables you to insert any code in your articles and at the same time give you options to position them to your taste[you can customize placement on a post-by-post and page-by-page basis]. Yes, I have tested and this is out of been told or any other thing and till date, I currently still use this plugin.

Ad Inserter has the option to display its inserted Ads as a widget any where it best fit for your WordPress Theme. It also has a PHP Function and Short Code Function. That’s not all, You can as well place Ad Codes/Scripts automatically into your Theme Header and Footer.

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OK, I Guess its high time I walked you through the Plugin Itself and let get some cool aspect and best understanding of it.


Ad Inserter WordPress Plugin

Understanding the 17 Ad Inserter Blocks

From 1 to the 16th block, it is used for displaying your inserted codes on Pages, Posts, Widgets and as well your Themes [via Theme Editor with the use of either the shortcodes or PHP function codes]

The 17th block [the # tab] is strictly for your sites Theme header and footer. It simply enables you to inserter codes and activate their code effects/functions.

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Ad Inserter Plugin Automatic Display

None – This will disable any inserted code from displaying on the site
Before Title – Allows you to place ads before your article title
Before Content – Allows you to place ads codes immediately after your article title
Before Paragraph – Specify if ads should be placed before your specified paragraph number.
Ad Inserter Plugin paragraph
After Paragraph – Specify ads after your specified paragraph number.
After Content – Places ads at the end of the content/article.
Before Excerpt – You can place ads before a specified excerpt on category/archive pages which will make it look like a featured image/text of a post
After Excerpt – Places ads after a specified excerpt on category/archive pages.
Widget – Place ads in the Ad Inserter Widget Area. [You can select where its gonna display i.e Homepage, category page, archives or search result page]

Ad Inserter WordPress Plugin


Like I said earlier, Ad Inserter supports displaying its inserted codes/ads from the blocks and renders it to the widget Bars of your theme be it Sidebar[Right, Left or both] or Footer and Header Widgets depending on you r theme. 🙂 See image below

Ad Inserter Plugin Widget

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Ad Inserter Plugin codes and php

Before you can use these functions, you need to mark them in order for them to be activated anywhere the codes are been used. Each ad blocks has there individual generated code, so you need to look into them before making use of any. The image above indicates am on the the first ad block and the shortcode and php functions carries a figure 1, this tells you that when you implement such code either via your theme editors, you are simply making use of the codes from the first ad block. The same method is applied till block 16.


The “For” aspect enables you to select if you want any ads block and its codes to be displayed to either All Users, Logged In or Not logged in Users.

Ad Inserter Plugin DeviceandUsers Choice

The device option allows you to set if you want a particular ad block to “All Devices used in visiting your site” or Desktop Only, Mobile Only, Tablets Only e.t.c. I consider this to be a Device switcher 🙂 . good for sites that operate two or more different themes on a single WordPress Site. Mobile Theme, Desktop Theme.

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Are you now convinced? then Download and Install Ad Inserter Plugin

How To Install and Configure AD INSERTER PLUGIN

⇒ Login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard
⇒ Navigate through PLUGINS>ADD NEW
⇒ Search “Ad Inserter”
Ad Inserter Plugin WordPress Plugin
⇒ Install and Activate It
Ad Inserter Plugin WordPress Plugin Settings⇒ Now Click On “Settings” or Navigate through SETTINGS > AD INSERTER

CONCLUSION: I have enjoyed the features been offered by this plugin and its the best for all your desired ads, codes, scripts management. its easy, flexible and user friendly. Kindly share your own view and experience with Ads Plugin.

Happy Blogging…

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